Our Story

How did Flaunt come about?

Where it started

Two years ago, we started talking to fellow agency owners about how they use reporting to show their clients their wins. Everyone agreed it took WAY too long. So long, in fact, that reporting on the successes came at the detriment of doing the social media and PR work that actually creates the success!

The frustration!

We’ve spent hours trying out various ways of putting together monthly reports for clients. Endless PowerPoint and Word documents, formatting all over the place, no consistency in the reports that clients receive, especially if a different account manager puts it together.

We tried a load of reporting tools and social media analytics tools but hit problems there. If in one month we focused on Twitter, the LinkedIn stats were lower. The reporting tools responded by adding huge red arrows to signify a downward trend. No one wants downward-facing red arrows on their work.

The reports looked terrible, you couldn't customise the information clients saw, and most of all they were freakin' expensive.

An alternative to PowerPoint reporting

We solved the problem. We built our own system that displayed successes and wins as a collection of screenshots. We chose what went in each report, we chose which stats were a true reflection of the work we had carried out throughout the month, we designed, branded and customised what a client saw, and it was consistent each month.

Clients loved our reports so much that they became part of our sales process. We shouted about how amazing they looked, how the client could know exactly what was happening, exactly what we were working on, exactly what the results were, every month. They dig this. It revolutionised our business.

Flaunt was born...

The next step was taking what we had built and rolling it out so that agencies all over the world could use it, to quickly, easily and succinctly demonstrate wins to their clients. Not only does Flaunt now help agencies win clients, it helps them keep clients.

Dozens of social media agencies use Flaunt as part of their business process and use it in conjunction with or instead of a range of analytics tools. We’re so keen for you to try it out, we provide a completely free 14-day trial.

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