Top time management tips

Working in the realm of digital marketing means that sometimes time just flies by! It can be because you’re spinning too many plates, or perhaps your organisational skills are subpar, but the truth of it is you need to sort out your time management skills. Time management is a brilliant skill to have in both your personal and professional life. Who wants to be overwhelmed by to-do lists? Once you pick up the right tips and tricks, you can do more in less time.

Create a time audit

The likelihood is there is one task that is sucking your valuable time away from you. So why not time yourself? There are plenty of time management apps available online like Toggl, Workflow and Trello which can help make it easier. Then you can look at the results and figure out which task needs a little streamlining!

Agendas are key

Ever feel like meetings take ages, and nothing gets accomplished? Yeah, us too. Why not write a concise but relevant agenda before the meeting? This gives you an excuse to stick to a productive conversation and helps you work out what materials you may need in advance. No more shuffling through Word documents trying to find what you need! It also is a show of good faith to the client; people like someone with their eye on the ball and the ability to get stuff done efficiently!

Daily/weekly planner

It always helps to have an overview of everything you’ve got to do for the day/week. If there’s something that can be pushed around to another day or isn’t the main priority, you could move it in favour of more significant tasks. We recommend dedicating the first 30 minutes of each day to writing out an action plan sticking to it.

Add a ‘done’ list

It’s quite satisfying to tick stuff off the list. Creating a ‘done’ list on your planner will help you feel more in control of your day to day tasks.

Block out distractions

Some offices let staff listen to music while they work; it can be incredibly useful for blocking out noise. Alternatively, you can turn off notifications on your computer or politely let your co-workers know you’re going off-grid for a bit so you can focus. Going offline can be an option too, although it doesn’t work for everyone!

Schedule breaks between tasks

You’ve done well, so treat yourself! Go make a cup of coffee or take a 2-minute rest break once you’ve completed a task, this gives you a chance to recover from being in ‘the zone’, before moving onto the next task. Taking a minute prevents you from burning out and increases your overall productivity!

Email organisation

Everyone has their own system to organise their inbox, so why not figure out what works for you? There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an empty inbox at the end of the day! You could create folders for each client, create folders based on the priority of the task or archive emails as soon as they’re dealt with.


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