Top stats and data used in social media reports

Social media reports contain a diverse range of material. In order to demonstrate the great work you’re doing and the results being generated, several metrics and media are likely required. As a user of Flaunt, you’ll already know that the screenshot functionality enables you to draw in stats, data and images into reports, as well as your text analysis.

So which client wins work best for reporting by screenshot? We’ve selected the top six:

Top stats and data used in Flaunt reports

Hootsuite or Buffer analytics

Hootsuite remains a huge fan favourite when it comes to social media management. Besides it being one of the most popular scheduling tools, it’s analytics suite is second-to-none. Buffer is also worth a mention, here, seeing as the tool continues to grow and flourish, regularly updating the analytics capabilities.

Uploading screenshots from tools like these enable you to fill your Flaunt report with graphs and the key metrics, as recorded by these social management heavyweights.

Press coverage

As social media and PR increasingly become one, press coverage achieved by your client is likely to be an important feature of your report. The ability for clients to enlarge the screenshots and follow hyperlinks means they can enjoy the full picture.

Online coverage can be simply added via the Chrome extension or by uploading the screenshot file. The latter functionality also means you can take a photo of any print media wins and upload them too!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics should really be analysed heavily be any marketer. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from the deepest darkest depths of Google Analytics including key insights into your conversion rates, user acquisition and quality, SEO and social media effectiveness, amongst other things.

The pie charts and graphics, particularly comparisons over time, are a fantastic way to demonstrate impact on a client’s online visibility. Overall increases in web traffic and other page or site metrics are almost certainly linked with lead generation over time. Likewise, demonstrating a spike in acquisitions from social media gives a very simple, clear indication of effectiveness.

Facebook promoted posts

Capturing the results of a Facebook promoted post work really well. The zoom function on Flaunt enables viewers to see every detail of the screenshot. Whether your goals are link clicks, reach or engagement, the analytics data on Facebook ads and promoted posts provide all the return on investment indicators your client is likely to need.

In addition, by including the image of the advert in the flauntlet, the report looks more exciting and engaging.

Important social mentions and interactions

Whether through smart content, savvy social interaction or a paid influencer campaign, gaining likes, shares, comments and posts by industry icons are huge wins for you and your client.

Highlighting those significant mentions ensures your client is aware of them and demonstrates the scope of social media to reach and influence new audiences.

Graphics created

If there’s a graphic designs element to the account, adding the work developed in your report helps remind the client of the value you bring to them. As we found out in our piece about the world’s favourite social media tools, graphics tools like Canva are increasingly popular. They also help spruce up the report by adding some colour and swish design!

There you have it, the top six areas of reporting for your client. Of course, for more integrated campaigns with a broader remit, there might be even more areas crucial for an effective report.

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