Top 3 alternatives to Sprout Social

There are many Social Media management tools around, with promises of making your job run just that little bit smoother. But how many of them really make a difference to your workload?

Sprout Social has been knocking about since the early days of modern social media (2010). The platform aims to be a ‘hub of social media management’ providing publishing, analytics and engagement tools to help brand optimize their social media profiles.

There are some pro’s that come with using Sprout, especially the management of all social media profiles via one single website.

But as always, there are alternative options available that fit everyone’s needs and still manage to sit below Sprouts $99 a month minimum fee. So it’s definitely good to make sure you shop around.


Hootsuite enables you to monitor all of your social media pages from one single website. Everything from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to Mailchimp. Hootsuite allows you to share meaningful and effective insights with your clients and allows your whole team to work on the platform together.

With over 200 metrics to analyse. Hootsuite helps you provide in-depth reports to prove your social ROI, monitor how quickly your team are reporting to messages from customers.

When Prices start at £25 per month, It’s hard not to admit that Hootsuite holds some serious potential for those looking to manage their social media internally.

But is it the best platform for those working at Social Media Agencies or Freelancing? We don’t think so.

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Buffer is a social media management tool which allows users to schedule posts, monitor the individual analytics of each post and even ‘re-buffer’ timeless tweets which may have got lost further down the news feed. “Allowing users to create thumb-stopping content that drives meaningful engagement with their followers”, users can create scheduling presets which enable content to be dragged and dropped in with ease.

One of Buffer’s best features is the re-buffer tool, which allows you to reschedule old but timeless content and push it back out to your audience. This one is amazing for Twitter, which is such a fast-paced platform within itself. Buffer helps users streamline their workload and still maintain a constant output of content.

The cost of Buffer varies from $15-$99 per month depending on your package, it’s easy to use and monitor the analytics of individual pieces of content.

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Of course, we were going to take the opportunity to shout about Flaunt! Who do you think we are?

We’re not biased, but Flaunt is pretty amazing. It cuts out all the hassle of reporting with a simple click of a button. If you work as a freelancer or part of a social media agency, Flaunt lays out reports in a sleek and easy to read manner. It’s perfect for making a good impression with clients.

By simply adding the Chrome extension, you can capture and collate screenshots straight from your browser! You can also download the reports straight away for offline viewing or just email your client the link!

Flaunt’s report writing tool gives you access to all features with a 14-Day free trial. After the trial, it’s only $5 per client/month. So there’s absolutely no reason not to try it!

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