5 things you can do now you've saved time with Flaunt

As you’ve probably seen by now, Flaunt is pretty good at saving you time. So now you’ve downloaded Flaunt, you’ve realised how quick and easy it is to do those impressive reports, now what? Well, we’ve been kind enough to put a list together of 5 cool things you can get up to after saving time with Flaunt.

Focus on content

We're not here to write long-winded reports. We're here to let our creativity grow and flourish. So now you've downloaded Flaunt, you can focus more on the part of the job you love!

save time social media


The digital world is constantly growing and changing and it’s our job to stay on-trend. so why not take some time to expand your skillset? If you’re a freelancer this would be an excellent way to expand the services you offer and potentially take your business to the next level.

take up a hobby

Focus on your health

Communications officers, PR managers and social media managers often spend way too much time on social media. It can get difficult to find the balance between work and home life, so find time to take a digital detox. You'll thank us for it!

focus on your wellbeing


Collaboration not competition, right? Networking events can get creative nowadays, so get use them as a way to be involved with more like-minded individuals.

Networking events

Pretty much anything!

You can quite literally do anything: write a book, climb a mountain or run a bath. Now you've downloaded Flaunt, the world is your oyster! Simply screenshot the statistics you want to report to your client, rank them with our handy Awesomeness Meter™️ and Flaunt can do the rest. Each report is slick and smooth, guaranteed to impress your clients and leave you more time for you!

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