Habits that social media managers and virtual assistants need to adopt

We’re currently living in a rapidly changing landscape. Social media is rising in popularity; there are new players coming into the race and dominating it in the process.

But where does that leave us? Social media managers, analysts, communications officers and freelancers alike are struggling to keep up with new changes and chances to upskill.

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We’ve put together a list of important habits we think that social media managers should be adopting into their daily routines to make their working life a little easier.

Spend time on building a community, not just an audience

A more intimate relationship with your followers is crucial to growing your client accounts. There are lots of ways in which this can be done, including by participating in Facebook groups that you can join via your Facebook page, joining Pinterest boards, participating in Twitter chats and engaging with your followers regularly. Of course, a healthy follow list is impressive and adds credibility to your brand, but in the aftermath of Instagram likes removal and the push for more positive communities, many brands are looking to prove their followers’ value with engagement rates.

Many brands forget that social media isn't just about grabbing attention and growing an audience and loyal customer base. It's about building an engaged community of followers who are interested in the products you sell or showcase. Your community has to the power to promote you if they are completely engaged with what you are doing.

Know your community and plan your content suitably

It’s vital we remember how important it is to know your followers and not fling empty bits of content at them hoping it sticks. It's the job of social media managers, community leaders and marketing managers to know who the fanbase is and plan content which is more likely to make them want to engage.

This ranges from knowing the times that your audience is online, to assessing the style of content your audience will interact with and providing lots of value-added content that will interest your readers.

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Use schedulers

Schedulers are great for being able to map out and plan content in advance, and save social media managers a massive amount of time! Scheduling your client content at the start of the week will mean that you have much-needed time to focus on value-added items, engaging with your audience and gives the chance to engage in any trending topics that may suddenly appear.

Create an effective checklist

A checklist is the most efficient way of being able to keep on track with the tasks that are needed to be completed that day. It also allows for future content planning and ensures that your clients get the best possible service. As social media managers it is likely that multiple areas of social media content will need to be covered for different clients and it is important that each of these tasks are recorded in a way in which you can start each day knowing what needs to be completed. Create trackers on a spreadsheet or in a bullet journal and prioritise the larger tasks to be done first.

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