An alternative to coverage book

Reporting on PR successes is tricky business. Media coverage in the 21st century takes many forms so keeping tabs on it all in order to demonstrate your work to clients is challenging. Luckily, there are now some great tools that help you record and present all your achievements in one place.

An alternative to CoverageBook

One of these tools is CoverageBook. CoverageBook is a great tool for PR professionals, taking the traditional method of PR reporting and making it digital. The tool does pretty much everything the discerning PR pro needs in order to capture and measure their successes, including social media coverage and key metrics.

However, there are some considerations if you are a smaller agency. As you can see from the pricing page, prices begin at $99 per month. Whilst this is perfectly reasonable, this might pose a barrier if you’re just starting out, if you're a freelancer or if the tool isn't exactly what you need.

PR reporting

If you’ve been looking for a great PR reporting tool to capture all of your clients’ exposure you’ll most likely have come across CoverageBook. In reality, however, torn between the expense and the report's flexibility, you might still be using a free tool like PowerPoint or even Word to present your work.

Another consideration is the actual pricing structure. CoverageBook uses a credit system where each piece of coverage counts as one credit. The $99 per month package gives you 100 credits and $500 gives you 1000 credits. This works out great if each client of yours only requires 10 or so credits each in order to keep them happy. However, if you are reporting across several platforms, including social media, these credits run out pretty quickly.

For example, this report uses over 20 flauntlets and is only a social media report. This integrated PR report includes over 40 pieces of information from a vast range of sources. Being bound by the number of snippets you use might impair the quality and thoroughness of your report. You might also find that you need to use copy to articulate yourself as opposed to using imagery, which might mean spending more time on the report.

Is Flaunt a good alternative to CoverageBook?

Of course, we would say it is! It is certainly a cheaper option. CoverageBook is clearly a great tool for the professional; however, Flaunt might be able to do the trick for you without as much of the expense.

With Flaunt, there’s no reason not to try it out given it is a free 14-day trial with no obligations. Set up a new client and reports and begin populating them – the optional Chrome extension will help make light work of reporting.

Start a 14 day trial of Flaunt. No card needed.

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