The Flaunt changelog

Welcome to the Flaunt changelog. Here’s where we document the improvements and fixes we make to Flaunt as we endeavour to make it as awesome as possible.

October 2018

Onboarding updates

Added archiving functionality

March 2018

Currency symbols added as options for stats boxes

Various site updates

Added ability to keep flauntlets in place for duplicated reports

Improved the format of URL used for the client links

Added ‘reporting period’ as a field when submitting flauntlets and uploading screenshots

February 2018

Edits to onboarding process and emails

Trial length changed to improve usage pattern

Pricing structure change: introduction of unlimited package

Added ability to duplicate reports for clients

Addition of Instagram icon option in statistic section

Minor report branding bug fix

Minor automatic report bug fix

January 2018

Bug fixes

Various edits to website and emails

November 2017

Introduction of customized date range i.e. ‘general report’

Added ability to delete clients designed but not released due to agency risk

Listed clients alphabetically

Added ability for the Flaunt Chrome extension to capture PDF, JPEG and PNG files as flauntlets

Added ability to hyperlink from all text elements in reports

Various internal improvements to website and databases held

October 2017

Share report before publishing; added the ability to edit a report after it is published

Ordered flauntlets starting with the most recent

Added ability to delete flauntlets

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