An alternative to PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a longstanding, all-round, multifaceted tool, which can be used for all kinds of projects. The platform has a large number of features such as the collaboration of graphics and text.

However, there are some considerations if you are looking to make your reports slick and professional. Writing a business report in PowerPoint can be an overwhelming process. Creating a report from scratch and translating this into a PowerPoint is certainly time-consuming.

Client reporting

PowerPoint offers you the ability to add visual impact and energy to your report. Getting your ideas across to your client can be difficult, but PowerPoint lets you create beautiful designs, rich and animations, using features including cinematic motion, 3D models and icons.

The flexibility that the software has allows you to access and edit a report on any device. PowerPoint also has various tools such as rulers and guides, to make sure key text and objects are in-line, giving your report a tidy finish. PowerPoint is definitely still an option when it comes to presenting results each month as it provides the flexibility and functionality needed to produce great reports.

However, the biggest problem faced is collating the information from all different sources and formatting everything together. This is made all the more challenging, as a freelancer, because each of your clients is likely to need quite different reports. Depending on what you’re doing for them, what their goals are, and their level of understanding, each report will vary in length, complexity, and style.

You want to be able to spend more time getting results for your clients, not just reporting them. PowerPoint reports cannot always be accessed by other account managers in your agency, and once the report has been sent to the client, there’s no turning back. Don’t forget, there’s the risk of losing a PowerPoint file from a computer virus or accidental deletion, and that’s the last thing you want!

Is Flaunt a good alternative to PowerPoint?

Of course, we would say it is! It is certainly a time-saving tool. PowerPoint is clearly a solid option with its all-round features; however, Flaunt allows you to automatically create stunning on-brand reports that showcase your best work. It also has features like:

• A Chrome extension to enable easy screenshot capture

• Our Awesomeness Meter, which helps sort screenshots by order of importance

• Customisable hex colours, logo and banner picture

• Inclusion of links to coverage or posts

• Beautiful, automatic formatting to save hassle for you

There’s no reason not to try Flaunt out given it is a free 14-day trial. Set up a new client and reports and begin creating a stunning report – the optional Chrome extension will also help make light work of reporting.

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