How to highlight your team wins

Within a social media agency there are multiple team members who handle multiple accounts and it is more than likely that they each will be working towards different goals.

A great team will certainly achieve great results for their clients on an individual basis, and these successes can vary widely from client to client: one may gain lots of new followers on Instagram or maintain a low CPC in paid advertising, another may see a huge growth in Facebook engagement or receive a bunch of new page likes on LinkedIn, another may have seen a number of new sign-ups to a lead magnet or sold lots of tickets for an event they are promoting.


Demonstrating the return of investment (ROI) of your clients is crucial both for the retention of those clients and for the continuing success of the agency.

However, when working in a team - particularly if everyone is working remotely - it can be easy for each individual to remain focused just on their own tasks. A great team will take the time to offer collective encouragement, share knowledge and advice and celebrate collective success within the agency, but how do you highlight those key client wins?

An effective and time-saving way to celebrate key successes are in the form of ‘team wins’ reports - where individual achievements can be created in a matter of minutes and highlighted for the whole team.

Why create a team wins report?

Creating a report to celebrate the successes of each individual is a motivational activity, and helps to foster an environment of positive feedback while encouraging the more introverted members of the team to share their great results and feel valued. By collating positive achievements, the agency has a record of areas that they have excelled in which can be potentially replicated in similar circumstances for future clients.


A team wins report is a brilliant tool for discussion and a chance to share best practice, and also points to key members of the team who are excelling in certain areas that can be called upon for advice. It also allows the entire team - management included - to gain a further insight into the clients that they aren’t working with directly.

How to create a team wins report using Flaunt

First, decide on a time period in which to celebrate team wins. This could be every one or two months, or even quarterly - it is important that there is more than a few weeks between each team wins report to allow for each individual to share their best results.

Click ‘add client and name it “team wins.’ Throughout the month or quarter each team member adds their own flauntlets when they have seen success to the ‘team wins’ client on Flaunt. This can be via the Chrome extension or the upload function.

Specific stats successes can be highlighted in bold so each member of the team can easily see key information.

An allocated member of the team then collates the flauntlets into a report with one click, and publishes it for the whole team to see.

Ideas for team wins reports

Great client stats across their social media platforms

Client lead-magnet sign-ups

Customer feedback on client events and webinars

Client product or event sales

Positive feedback from clients

Company wins: positive Google reviews or social media recommendations for the agency

Company growth: new clients that have been signed up, or new training or work opportunities.


And by using Flaunt Report, the process is simple! One of the many benefits of using Flaunt Report to create monthly reports and team wins is that there is no additional cost for additional users, which means that a team wins report can be created for the whole team to access and contribute to each month.

Our software allows to you screenshot key wins and successes with Flaunt’s Chrome extension, with customisable hex colours, logo and banner picture and automatic formatting.

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