An alternative to Snagit

Capturing the perfect screenshot on your computer and saving it for a client report should be a quick and simple process. There are some great tools out there that help to capture and present all your achievements in one place, but a lot of these come at a cost.

One of those tools is Snagit. Snagit is a powerful screen-capturing tool which allows you to screenshot still images and grab frames from videos. The tool comes alongside a smart window detection. Snagit will allow you to crop on desktop, making it easy and intuitive to capture your full screen or the section of the screen needed.

But there are some considerations to make before using the tool. There’s a $49.95 single licensing cost. Although this may seem reasonable, this price only allows two users per account. If you are an agency or require multiple users, you will need to buy more licenses.

Client reporting

If you’ve been looking for a screengrab tool that allows you to insert images into your client’s report, it’s most likely that you have come across Snagit. Report writing should focus on the information that your client wants and needs, as mentioned in our previous blog, “Is your to-do list affecting your client reports?”. Whilst the tool allows you to capture the important statistics and edit them with a few clicks; in reality, there’s uncertainty between the expense and flexibility.

Another consideration is the actual pricing structure. Snagit allows users to try the tool with a 15-day free period. Once this is over, the cost of the licence for the tool is $49.95. It’s compatible with both Microsoft Windows and macOS, but with recent versions of the product on macOS, there are fewer features available.

Snagit recommends that customers buy their maintenance system, which adds $12.49 on top of the licensing cost. If you’re already using the previous version of Snagit, then you will need to pay for the latest version which is an extra $29.95. The more licenses you purchase, the better discount you will get, but this only applies once five licenses or more have been purchased.

Is Flaunt a productive alternative to Snagit?

Flaunt’s Chrome extension will help make light work of reporting and has the following features over Snagit:

• Ability to pull screenshots into reports

• Ability to add additional text sections

• Unlimited users per agency account

So the answer is yes! With Flaunt’s Chrome extension, you can collect screenshots and add them to your Flaunt reports. If you haven’t given Flaunt a spin yet, you can sign up for your 14-day free trial here.

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