7 tips to make you a better writer

7 tips to make you a better writer

Working in digital marketing means much more than crafting the perfect tweet. It means blog writing, photo editing, lead generation, analyst work and a whole host of other responsibilities. One big thing is writing we use it in every aspect of our lives, whether it’s personal or professional.

What constitutes perfect grammar is subjective, but a flawlessly crafted sentence is a secret weapon for success. Whether it’s a tweet, blog post or email to a client, let’s make sure your writing style is on point.

Have something to say

What are you trying to convey? If you don’t know what you’re trying to communicate then you’ll end up waffling and wasting time. Many often find it helpful to make notes or a list of key points before writing long-form content to make sure the sentence is structured and has only necessary data.

Be specific

Not only is writing more interesting when you're specific, but you mustn't gloss over details that can be vital to the rest of your writing. Which one of these sentences looks better to you?

  1. I bought flowers today; they were nice.
  2. I bought some lovely lilies from the market today.

Write clearly

This one is particularly important for us marketing people. You need to make sure that people from all walks of life can read your writing and understand the point you're trying to convey.

Write short sentences

Short sentences are a stylistic choice to make your words a lot more punchy and impactful. Each sentence should convey one simple thought. Writing more than this invites waffling and over-complicating your point.

Keep paragraphs brief

If you have a point to make, make sure it is made concisely. Nobody wants to read an email filled with waffle.

No rambling, repetitiveness or redundant writing

These are three big problems for writers. You don't need to repeat the same thing over and over just as much as you don't need to say things that don't bear relevance to the topic at hand or your reader.

Edit ruthlessly

Is it 100% relevant? No? Cut it! Ruthless editing is an important skill to master if you're thinking of cutting down on waffle. It impacts your style of writing massively and is handy when working with word limits.

The perfect writer is a myth, but you can work to the best of your ability to ensure that your writing has the desired impact. The best you can do is try to implement these tips and keep your writing natural.

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