How Flaunt works

How do I use Flaunt to make reports that impress my clients?

1. Download the Flaunt Chrome extension

Getting started is easy. Once you've signed up for a Flaunt account, just download the Flaunt Chrome extension to get going. You'll then see an icon appear at the top right of your Chrome browser. Clicking this will open a login window, which you can use to sign in. You only have to do this once and then the extension will remember you forever.

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2. Gather your evidence while you work

Every time you do something awesome for one of your clients, use the extension to take a screenshot. Crop the image to highlight the bit you want to focus on. You can screenshot anything! Written a great tweet? Screenshot it. Designed a social media plan for your client? Screenshot it! Got an article about your client into an online magazine? Screenshot it! You get the idea.

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3. Tag, comment and rate your flauntlets

The extension's interface is really simple. Choose your client, add a comment for your report (or a note for you to refer back to later) and then choose the date and social network (if appropriate) that this appeared on.

Finally, give your screenshot a rating on our Awesomeness Meterâ„¢. Flaunt will use all your awesomeness scores throughout the month to work out how to automatically arrange your final monthly report to highlight your biggest wins.

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4. Let Flaunt work its magic

At the end of the month, hit the "New report" button and boom - all the hard work is done for you and you have a beautiful report for your client. Simple, quick and stylish.

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5. Add some personal touches

Now you've got your report, you can tweak it by adding a new cover image, adding a tailored overview comment, adding some key statistics you want to highlight, or reordering things. Everything is changeable by you, and Flaunt will ensure that whatever happens, your report will continue to look great!

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6. See how much your clients love receiving their reports

Once you're happy with the report, hit the "Publish" button and we'll give you a URL that you can send to your client. You can track when they've seen it, and it's dead easy for them to share it with other colleagues or management.

They'll love seeing what you've done and will feel pleased that they've chosen you to be their agency. Success!

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